Rob Carsello founded Speaker Resource Center and has spent the last 15 years bringing fresh and relevant speakers to a host of happy clients.  Rob’s past job experiences as an attorney, insurance agent, high school math tutor, and Chicago taxi driver give him a unique perspective and understanding of your audience and event.

Why Speaker Resource Center?
Meeting Planners often don’t have the time or resources to sift through the volumes of potential speakers to find the perfect match for an event.  Speaker Resource Center knows the strengths, styles, content and personalities of the hundreds of speakers we book.  Our staff is your outsource partner in making the perfect match so your event goes off without a hitch.

A Customized Speech
Ideally a speaker will connect to your audience and present a speech that supports your meeting agenda and corporate culture, right?  It’s frustrating and time-consuming to find that perfect mix on your own using only a box of slickly edited videos!  Speaker Resource Center thoroughly coaches every speaker we book so they are always in sync with your organization, goals and topic.