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Expert Help Without High Fees

Are you a corporate meeting planner needing help with the right speakers for your unique event?  A school administrator looking for programs your students will love?  Or maybe a professional association president in charge of booking interesting speakers to entertain your group?  The choices can be overwhelming.  So, why not get a little help from the professionals?

Book the Speaker You Need to Bring Your Event to Life

Our focus is on you and finding the talent you agree is a match for your event.  Whether you need a celebrity, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, keynote speaker or political figure, Speaker Resource can secure someone to match your event. . .no matter where in the world it takes place.  

Professional Talent at Affordable Prices

On a strict budget?  Finding the right speaker to fit your event and your budget can be frustrating and time-consuming without the help of someone who can find options with the right background, topic and presentation style — and in your budget?  Just one call to the friendly experts at Speaker Resource will make your search simple, easy, and on budget.

Like Having Another Member on Your Planning Committee

The Speaker Resource consultant is like another member of your planning committee. Whatever you need, the consultant is there to find it for you. So, do yourself a favor and call to see what exciting talent Speaker Resource can bring to your event. There’s no fee for consulting with Speaker Resource.  Unless you are delighted and thrilled to book the speaker we propose for your event, we don’t get paid. . .period.

Why Speaker Resource Center?

Meeting Planners often don’t have the time or resources to sift through the volumes of potential speakers to find the perfect match for an event. Speaker Resource Center knows the strengths, styles, content and personalities of the hundreds of speakers we book. The Staff is your outsource partner in making the perfect match so your event goes off without a hitch.

A Customized Speech

Ideally a speaker will connect to your audience and present a speech that supports your meeting agenda and corporate culture, right? It’s frustrating and time-consuming to find that perfect mix on your own using only a box of slickly edited videos! Speaker Resource Center thoroughly coaches every speaker we book so they are always in sync with your organization, goals and topic.

‘When I work with clients who call us looking for a speaker, I give their project personal attention and help them get what they want.’

Rob Carsello


ULINE Shipping Supply

“Selecting a speaker for our event seemed as though it would be an overwhelming decision. There are so many excellent speakers to choose from, where to you begin? I was very excited when I came across Speaker Resource Center, Inc. on the Internet. Rob was very proficient in determining our needs, culture, and standards. He made a recommendation that proved to be very successful. Working with such a professional empowered my decision and I am very thankful!”

-Pam H.

Seagate Technology, Inc.

“Very easy to work with; (your company) assisted us with some special requests (THANK YOU!) and very tolerant when we were debating over an exact date for our event. Speaker Resource Center made it all come together.”

Deloitte & Touche.

“I was delighted! Excellent Presentation — high energy and very thoughtful.”

C. Knudsen

“Fantastic. Better than we ever could have imagined. Our employees have been truly motivated.”


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